"Dr. Lau is the best dentist among the dentists I have visited in my life. Skillful and professional and the cost is reasonable. She is my dentist since 1996 and I am very pleased."
- U-Lun W.
"I have been very pleased with Dr. Lau, and would recommend her to anyone."
- Peg W.
"Dr. Lau is a wonderful doctor, very skillful and professional, thank you Dr. Lau, I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family!"
- Bo L.
"Dr. Lau has provided my family with dental care for nearly 20 years. She is skillful and patient. A few years ago, our dental insurance changed and Dr. Lau was not in our insurance network. Now, we pay out-of-network to get our dental care from Dr. Lau, because we believe her dental services are worth it. I would highly recommend Dr. Alice Lau to anyone."
- Yongzhang L.
"Dr. Lau is a best dentist. She is a very skillful and very concentrate to her works. Every time, while she is doing the cleaning, she will explaining to me how to take care of my teeth and also after finished cleaning, she is teaching me how to use the right way to clean and floss my teeth. Thanks Dr. Lau for I'm having health and clean teeth within all these years."
- My Thiem T.
"Dr. Lau has all of the qualities I look for in a dentist: skillful, professional, detailed-oriented and non-judgmental. I avoided seeing dentists for a few years after some dentists made comments about the poor quality of my teeth. Dr. Lau is very compassionate and never made me feel bad. I've been seeing Dr. Lau for more than 10 years, even after we moved down to Alexandria, VA. It's hard to find a dentist you like and trust!"
- May T.
"I would like to thank Dr. Lau and staff for their impeccable patient care and dedication to their clients. I have always found them to be very professional with a personal touch to their service. As an example, Dr. Lau has always went over long and short range dental procedures needed and always welcomed my questions and input. I have enjoyed the care I receive and have respected Dr. Lau’s advice even when dealing with issues such as quit smoking to assure the current and future health. I have used her for many different services over the last ten years and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for excellence in overall dental care."
- Jordan S.
"My family has been under Dr. Lau's care for over 15 years. She is the most thorough, precise and gentle family dentist you can find. She is not only highly skilled in many complicated dental procedures, but also takes time in educating her patients on dental hygiene and new dental technology. I highly recommend Dr. Alice Lau to all patients and families in the area. "
- Marius S.
"Dr. Lau is a very skillful, patient, and thorough dentist. My husband and I have been under her care for more than 12 years. Besides taking good care of our teeth, she takes effort to teach us how to care for our teeth daily. She is a believer in preventive care. "
- Naening L.
"Our family has been under Dr. Lau's dental care for more than 10 years. Dr. Lau is a very skillful dentist and her work is thorough and careful. Under her dental care, my two sons grew up from little boys to young men and have never had cavities. My front teeth were chipped by an iron bar when I was a child. Dr. Lau fixed them for me about ten years ago and they have stayed fixed since then. I recommend anyone to choose Dr. Lau as their dentist. - Wei-Ming "
- Wei-Ming L.
"I have my regular dental checkup and cleaning today. As usual, Dr. Lau provides one of the best dental services. For more than 10 years, I am one of the Dr. Lau patients. Dr. Lau provides her best dental service whenever I visit her. I am looking forward to visiting her next time."
- Wendy C.
"I have been going to Dr. Lau for over 12 years and I would recommend her to new patients and families. She explains the procedures in detail, answers questions thoroughly, and tries to make the experience as painless as possible. Thank you Dr. Lau for being a great dentist!"
- Hue D.

We have been going to see Dr. Lau for 8 years. We live in Falls Church, Virginia, but like to drive one hour to see Dr. Lau because of exceptional dental care she provides to us. We highly recommend Dr. Lau to our families and friends.

The Zhang Family

My family and I have been going to see Dr. Lau for over 10 years now. We live in Upper Marlboro, but are willing to commute to Gaithersburg because of the great service we receive from Dr. Lau and her staff. I would recommend Dr. Lau to anyone who is looking for a good family dentist.

The Blake Family


"I have been going to Dr.  Lau since 1995 she is very professional and does a terrific job , I am a gager since I have been with Dr Lau I have less and less problem with it "


"We have been Dr. Lau's patients since 1995 and have been very pleased with her dental care. Dr. Lau is very professional. She takes the time to discuss your dental health issues and concerns and provides options and referrals. We would highly recommend her to friends and families."

The Marquez Family

Dr. Lau has been my personal dentist since July 1995. I have been very highly satisfied with her exemplary professionalism and brilliant technical accomplishments in advanced dentistry. Dr. Lau is very gracious and congenial towards her patients. I do recommend her most highly as a family dentist.

Ney Mello

I have been going to Dr. Lau a number of years. I REALLY enjoy the fact that she doesn't treat me as though I am just another number. She always exhibit a professional demeanor. Seeing patients on Saturday is a HUGE plus and allows me to meet my appointments with minimum disruptions to my schedule.

Charle Betts


We have been patients of Dr. Lau's for nearly 20 years. She is a very nice person in addition to being an exceptional dentist.She takes pride in her work and pays great attention to even the smallest details.When we leave her office we always feel confident that we were given the best possible dental care. Her work looks great and always lasts. We highly recommend her.

Bill and Judy Jones

I have been seeing Dr. Lau for over a decade. Now I travel from Virginia to Maryland to get my teeth in order. Dr. Lau not only provides honest and excellent dental care, but is also warm and empathetic. She is a perfectionist.


I have been a patient of Dr. Lau's since 2001 and have always been very satisfied with her high quality dental work, professionalism and integrity. After my move to Virginia several years ago, I tried a few local dentists, but have been referred to different extensive treatment plans for dental "problems," which was interestedly always unique each time! I decided to go back to Dr. Lau, the dentist I trust, despite the 30-mile drive. Dr. Lau has been keeping my teeth in great shape, always with work that is needed and not nonsense recommendations. She is also very attentive to my pre-schooler and is sensitive to her needs throughout the visits. I highly recommend Dr. Lau to anyone!

Judy H.


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